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As a mother of two little kids I constantly asked myself how can I make them happier and my life easier? 

One evening I was just sitting on the dinner table and thoughtlessly drawing something on the paper. I felt tired after work and was about to go to bed. Suddenly, having looked at my drawing, which resembled an elephant, I came up with this beautiful design idea. So simple, yet so appealing and cute! 

Since it was the exact time when my children started teething, and therefore putting everything in their mouths, I immediately understood that this is a perfect concept for a teether! Then I thought that it would be wonderful to share it with mothers from all over the world and by that make their life easier and their children happier. 

So here came an idea of running my own business. That was the starting point of our journey. That is how Baby Elefun was born!  

See what people are saying!

Most of these teething toys are round or oval and babies can't get to the back teeth. This elephant is great because not only does it have different textures but the elephant's trunk is ideal for pushing towards the back teeth! Exactly what we were looking for.

— Katherine M., Baby Elefun customer

Great baby item, easy for tiny hands to hold and not a item I have to worry about gagging. I like the safety and independence of this teether, better than the banana teether (you have to watch baby to make sure they don't gag). This one is easy for our son to sit and sooth independently with.

— Sarah C., Baby Elefun customer

I wish this toy had been around when my 5-year-old was teething! The large hole in the center allows my kiddo to easily grab, hold onto, and maneuver the teether. The teether holds temperature rather well too. It is my kid's favorite teether out of the 8-10 I have given him to try.

— Jennifer P., Baby Elefun customer

I bought this because it is not filled with anything and I was hoping it was the soft silicone that bends and holds up well. I am happy to say it was everything I was hoping for. I love the texture and the softness of the material.

— Mary G., Baby Elefun customer

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