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Every child suffers from the side effects of teething due to the excessive use of energy due to physical effort. There have been several side effects, a few of them have been discussed for a better understanding of baby attitude by the parents.


Viral Infection - Teething leaves the baby's body prone to viral infection as a result of which the baby suffers from fever, cough, sneezing or viral problems in the body. It occurs because the pain due to teething utilizes the baby's body energy to overcome it, as a result, leaving the body vulnerable to attacks by either bacterial or viral infections. In most cases, the baby suffers from viral infections, like influenza.


Parents are advised to take precautionary measures for their baby to overcome the viral issues when it comes to the baby's health conditions. This might be temporary but may cause permanent damage if not taken care of it on time.


Electrolytes Imbalance - One of the biggest side effects of teething is the loss of appetite. babies refuse to intake food due to the unbearable pain in their mouth and as a result they may lose body weight. The immune system of the baby depends upon how their bodily strength is maintained but if they're not in-taking food then in might leave the body to some issues like electrolyte imbalance where the body nutrients might not be sufficient to support the baby's strengthen muscles or bones in general.


To overcome the damaging after-effects of the electrolyte imbalance due to the lack of appetite, parents should follow the instructional lists provided by the baby's doctor for the teething stage.


If there are still some issues regarding their health condition then bring them to the doctor immediately.

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What can parents do to relieve their baby of teething pain?


Parents worry a lot about their baby's health during the teething stage which is completely normal given that their baby is suffering from the invisible pain of tooth eruption.


There are some methods that they can use to ease the pain of the baby. It will benefit the baby as well as relieve the parents of their worry for a time being.


Massage - if possible, try to massage the baby's gum every day with a clean finger or with the help a clean and hard object like a spoon or anything else.


Teething rings - teething rings are mostly used during the teething stage for babies. Make sure the ring is neither too cold or nor too warm before giving it to the baby. A frozen ring might damage the baby's gums which may lead to other issues in teething. 


Cold objects - cold and wet objects like a piece of cloth might relieve the baby for a time being.


Medications – follow the medication procedure as recommended by the doctor and apply the ointment on the gums to relieve the baby from pain. 


Try not to overload the baby with different methods, like home remedies, as well as the doctor, recommended medications.

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