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Teething is a natural phenomenon in babies where the baby’s teeth erupt from the gums in the mouth. The amount of pain the baby suffer during teething is unbearable that they often start fussing and show symptoms of fever. Parents are more worried about the baby’s health and sometimes they ignore the signs of teething in babies. In medical terminology, teething is referred to as ‘odontiasis’.


When do babies start teething?


The teething process starts when the baby enters 6 months. This process is long and goes on till 24 months of age. The symptoms of teething appears a few days before the eruption of the first tooth from the gum. The baby’s first tooth appears at the age of 6 months approximately. This is also the stage when the baby starts taking solid food as a beginner. Not all babies need to have their first tooth by the age of 6 months. It all depends upon the family genetics where some of the babies might be late bloomers when it comes to teething or maybe their first tooth appears before they enter their 6th month.


  • Malfunction: There have been a few cases where the teething process has led to malfunctioned tooth in babies. The babies have an already present tooth in their mouth during their time of birth, this condition is called ‘natal teeth’. Almost 2,000 to 3,000 babies have this condition, which is completely normal as the tooth provides no harm to the baby in any form.


  • Solution: 
  • Since the malfunction physical anomaly in the form of the natal tooth has proven to be harmless therefore there is no need to take any precautionary actions but just in case give a tour to the baby’s pediatrics. They might provide proper guidance after thoroughly observing the babies genetic history, in case the parents have been through something like this as well. 
  • If not then there is also a solution of removing the natal teeth. It is loosely attached to the gum therefore it won’t be that much painful for the bay during the removal. Most of the parents decide on removing the teeth in case it might affect the new teething process when the baby is at the primal stage of teething. It is preferred to remove the natal teeth as it can also cause aspiration problem in the lungs for the baby. 



The teething stage is a hectic stage for parents and a painful one for the babies as teething babies are more prone to physical illness, baby’s need more care during this stage. Despite their unnatural body temperature, parents need to stay calm and give whatever remedy the doctor has suggested and if the health condition of the baby does not seem to get better then give a tour to the baby’s physician. Teething babies are delicate and they need more attention and care during this period.

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