The period of 6 to 24 months of baby's age is much more delicate due to the teething stage. The baby goes through the pain of tooth eruption from the gums and this pain appears to have some side effects on the body as well.

It is best to be prepared beforehand, in case the baby's health does not seem to getting better.

Some of the signs and symptoms before teething process in baby stars is hereby discussed for the ease of parent's understanding and knowledge.


Baby teething discomforts:


Gum discomfort - Teething is mostly associated with the jaw and gum discomfort as the baby's tooth erupts through the gum within the mouth.


Swollen gum - This occurs when the tooth erupts from the gum damaging the tissue, this location of gum appears swollen and red symbolising pain in a baby.


Blood blister - The erupted tooth may cause an appearance of the fluid-filled area just like the blood blisters.


Sensitivity - Some of the teeth might be more sensitive compared to the rest during an eruption from the gums, Like:


  • The molars might cause more discomfort in babies due to its large surface area which covers most of the part of gum while erupting hence causing high-level pain in babies. 
  • The incisors have sharp pointed ends which is why it causes severe gum swelling and pain when erupting because it slices through the gum, damaging the gum tissue.
  • Wisdom tooth is the third molar tooth which might not affect the baby in such a way as the rest of the teeth did. The baby's body might be associated with the pain by then therefore the body feels less discomfort compared to the previous cases.



Symptoms and signs of baby teething:


Teething in babies may cause the symptoms as described below;

  • Drooling in excess - as the mouth is in a discomfort state therefore the baby might not have control over the drooling factor.


  • Sleepless nights - the eruption process in the beginning stages may lead to itching in the gums or slight pain which is why the baby might have several sleepless nights and may show fussy and grumpy attitude.


  • Soreness - the gums might be too sore for the baby to even consider eating. They may refuse food intake


  • Fussing - the restless behaviour of the baby shows the sign of teething. They may get fussy for no reason during the early stages of teething.