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Brown Cookie Teether with Pacifier Clip
Brown Cookie Teether with Pacifier ClipBrown Cookie Teether with Pacifier ClipBrown Cookie Teether with Pacifier ClipBrown Cookie Teether with Pacifier ClipBrown Cookie Teether with Pacifier ClipBrown Cookie Teether with Pacifier ClipBrown Cookie Teether with Pacifier Clip

"This teether is awesome. It is so simple yet absolutely adorable. My almost 4 month old loves it. The clasp is great on it too and i like that it comes with a little case to keep it in."

- Taylor G., Baby Elefun customer

"My baby nephew LOVES this teething toy! It cracks people up when they realize that it is not a real oreo cookie. He enjoys chewing on this toy and the rubbery beads. This is one of the best things I could have purchased for him and I could not be more pleased."

- HobbsGal, Baby Elefun customer

Safe and effective teething toy with plastic pacifier clip. No metal to rust or teeth on. Different textures provide teething pain relief and keep baby busy for a long time. Stylish brown color is a perfect match for any outfit, from newborn to toddler. Our satisfied customers tell they get so many compliments on it!


4.8 stars based on 350+ Amazon.com reviews

  • SAFE

Our cookie teething toy with pacifier clip is made from the top quality soft food grade silicone: BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Cadmium, Lead and other Heavy Metals Free. It’s hygienic and hypoallergenic with no open pores to harbor bacteria.

It has safe design certified by CPSC (US safety standards) for 0+ age:

  • very easy to hold and babies can't put them too far into their mouth to gag themselves
  • have strong plastic clip - no metal to rust or teeth on
  • knots inbetween the beads make it easier to clean and dry - and keep bacteria away.

You won't get worried about baby hitting the head with our teething toy because it is so soft - perfect for early teethers! 

Our cookie teether has multiple different shapes and textures which means that babies enjoy the massaging sensation on their gums and never lose interest!

It provides optimum comfort and guarantees teething pain relief. Babies really enjoy it and do not lose interest for a long time!

And nothing beats being able to take your baby's pain away...

Our custom designed cookie teething toy has the perfect size, weight and round shape which means it is easy for little hands to hold and little mouths to chew on

It means that the baby will chew our teether for a long time never losing grip.

And what that really means is that our teether will keep baby busy and happy for a long time and let mom have some rest!

If you’ve been looking for a trendy and functional gift for your baby or a baby shower or any other occasion then your search is over! That’s because our teething set stands out from the rest with its elegant black and white colors, cute gift box, and it effectively helps with teething pain.

It will be a little piece that makes your gift just a little bit fancier and stand out from the rest. Leave onesies to other guests and give a gift they’ll remember and thank you for in years to come.

It will accessorize any outfit from newborn to toddler. It will be the only teether you or other parents bring on walks. And get so many compliments on it! Guaranteed!

It is so easy to keep it nice and clean, if you have a silicone kitchen spatula you know what I mean :)

Just wash it with warm soapy water, on the top rack of the dishwasher or in the sterilizer with temperature below 180C/356F.

After washing let it air dry completely or dry it with a soft clean cloth.

Knots inbetween the beads make it easier to clean and dry - and keep bacteria away!

Keep your teething toy in a storage case while not used.

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Most of these teething toys are round or oval and babies can't get to the back teeth. This elephant is great because not only does it have different textures but the elephant's trunk is ideal for pushing towards the back teeth! Exactly what we were looking for.

— Katherine M., Baby Elefun customer

Great baby item, easy for tiny hands to hold and not a item I have to worry about gagging. I like the safety and independence of this teether, better than the banana teether (you have to watch baby to make sure they don't gag). This one is easy for our son to sit and sooth independently with.

— Sarah C., Baby Elefun customer

I wish this toy had been around when my 5-year-old was teething! The large hole in the center allows my kiddo to easily grab, hold onto, and maneuver the teether. The teether holds temperature rather well too. It is my kid's favorite teether out of the 8-10 I have given him to try.

— Jennifer P., Baby Elefun customer

I bought this because it is not filled with anything and I was hoping it was the soft silicone that bends and holds up well. I am happy to say it was everything I was hoping for. I love the texture and the softness of the material.

— Mary G., Baby Elefun customer

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